The Memory Café provides us with joint respite.

My husband enjoys the faces and companionship of everyone at the Memory Cafe. He thoroughly enjoys the singing, and is very sorry if he has to miss a meeting. He would like to come every day!

Although my husband is now unable to speak, he frequently joins in with phrases of the well known songs. How wonderful is that!

For just a few hours, it is lovely to forget our problems and remember happy times. It has made us feel close again.

We have enjoyed every aspect of the Lottery project. The trips were wonderful especially the last one to Weycroft Hall. They gave us the chance to visit places we could never go to on our own. Just being able to talk freely with the other people who seemed really interested in our reminiscence and stories. We went on remembering those happy days even when we went home.

Looking back into the past, whether to good or bad times, has encouraged me to write down the memories that have surfaced. The result has been a little book that will teach my children and grandchildren more about their own family history.

We both enjoy it all. It is so lovely to be with other people.

The Memory Cafe has a social friendly atmosphere, which provides mum with reassurance. She changes when she receives attention here, and the singing is very uplifting.

It is something to look forward to every week, particularly as the disease progresses.

Joining in the activities helps to build self esteem, and brings joy and happiness. It also provides companionship for Carers.

My husband Ken has Alzheimer’s, and the opportunities presented through the visits and reminiscence sessions have been fantastic for us both. When sufferers are unable to remember even the most recent event, it is uplifting and joyful to see their eyes light up as something from the past falls into place. It was great fun listening to stories from others in the group, and to see and touch artefacts from the past, which brought memories alive. We experienced some very special moments during these sessions, which I for one will never forget.

It has been great fun remembering our past. We shared the photos and stories with our grandchildren who were quite surprised what we got up to.